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Student Academic Management System (SAMS)

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Sl#SAMS CodeDistrict NameBlock/ULB NameCollege NameCategorySessionStatusRemarks
102043201BalasoreBastaMahila (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, BastaUnaided2011-12ClosedEnquired with Atanu Ku. Sahoo, DEO, F.M.(A) College, Balasore
202053103BalasoreBhograiKamarda (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, KamardaUnaided2011-12ClosedTalked to the Principal, there is no such colleege in this name. But Surendranath (Jr.) Inst. of Higher Tech. Stud. Kamarda is an adided college (488) functioning in the campus of Kamarada (Degree)
302123101BalasoreJaleswar (MPL)Jagannath (Junior) College, JaleswarUnaided2011-12ClosedReported by FM (Junior) College, Balasore
402085105BalasoreRemunaBalasore Institute of Technical Studies, NuasahiSelfFinance2016-17ClosedRDE Bhubaneswar Office Order No.10503, Dtd.7.8.2015 as per HPC decision dtd.16.5.2015
504013101BhadrakBasudevpurBarapur (Junior) College, BarapurUnaided2011-12ClosedReported by Admission-in-Charge, Bhadrak (Junior) College, Bhadrak
605185101BolangirTitilagarh (MPL)Aum Valley (Junior) College, CharbhataSelfFinance2011-12ClosedNot Opened.
707185101CuttackCuttack (MC)Ajay Binaya (Junior) Institute Technology, CuttackSelfFinance2014-15ClosedCollege applied for stop admission for 2014-15.
810015101GajapatiGosaniJITM, B. Sitapur (CLOSED FROM 2012-13)SelfFinance2013-14ClosedGovt. letter No. 26313/HE dt. 26.10.2012 HPC meeting dtd., 10.10.2012
911125101GanjamBellagunthaShri Residential (Junior) College, Tanarada SelfFinance2014-15Admission RestrictedNON-FULFILLMENT OF CONDITION
1011075102GanjamBerhampur (MC)Gayatri (Junior) Science Residential College, BerhampurSelfFinance2011-12ClosedThe College has requested for closure from the session 2008-09 and also no admission. Steps are being taken for refund of Pledge money.Hence, the college may be treated as closed from 2008-09.
1111075106GanjamBerhampur (MC)Vidya Science (Junior) College, Komapalli (RECOGNITION SUBJUDICE)ADMISSION RESTRICTION FROM 2013-14SelfFinance2013-14Admission RestrictedRECOGNITION SUBJUDICE
1211075108GanjamBerhampur (MC)Creative (Junior) Institute of Science &Trade.( ADMISSION RESTRICTION IMPOSED FROM 2013-14)SelfFinance2013-14Admission RestrictedThere is no land and building in its 6th year. No regular teacher, no lab and library. No academic atmoshpere.
1311075109GanjamBerhampur (MC)Chakadola (Junior) College, Berhampur SelfFinance2016-17ClosedHPC decission dtd., 27.4.2016
1411275101GanjamKabisuryanagarBharati (Junior) Science College, Gudiali JunctionSelfFinance2016-17ClosedAs per decision of HPC meeting 27.4.2016
1511035102GanjamKukudakhandiSwami Vivekananda (Junior) Residential College, Ganjam(RECOGNITION WITHDRAWN FROM THE SESSION2012-13SelfFinance2012-13Closedopening permission withdrwan from the session 2012-13 vide HPC meeting dtd. 01.02.2012
1611035103GanjamKukudakhandiAOM SHREE SAI (JUNIOR) COLLEGE, MOHUDASelfFinance2016-17ClosedNon Fulfillment of Financial criteria
1711055101GanjamRangeilundaCambridge (Junior) College, MahudaSelfFinance2016-17ClosedAs per HPC decision in its meeting 27.4.2016
1812033203JagatsinghpurErasamaSri Sri Biswanath (Junior) Mahila Mahavidyalaya, ErasamaUnaided2011-12ClosedAs informed by the Dealing Assistant, RDE, Bhubaneswar the college is not appearing CHSE Examination.
1912043101JagatsinghpurJagatsinghpurAshrampatna (Junior) College, AshrampatnaUnaided2011-12ClosedReported by SVM College and verified from Parida Babu (Old Employee of RDE, BBSR)
2012093201JagatsinghpurJagatsinghpur (MPL)Women's (Junior) College, JagatsinghpurUnaided2011-12ClosedReported by SVM College and verified from Parida Babu (Old Employee of RDE, BBSR)
2112053202JagatsinghpurKujangDamodar (Junior) Mahila Mahavidyalaya, BhutmundaiUnaided2011-12ClosedAs informed by the Dealing Assistant, RDE, Bhubaneswar the college is not appearing CHSE Examination.
2212053203JagatsinghpurKujangMunicipal (Junior) Women's College, MadhubanaUnaided2011-12ClosedEnquired from the Section and Director
2312083101JagatsinghpurTirtolUshamania (Junior) College , KrushnachandrapurUnaided2011-12ClosedAs informed by the Dealing Assistant, RDE, Bhubaneswar the college is not appearing CHSE Examination.
2412083203JagatsinghpurTirtolJhankad Mahila (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, TritolUnaided2011-12ClosedAfter discussion with Director
2513063102JajpurDharmasalaRajivgandhi City (Junior) College, Mutukunda PatanaUnaided2011-12ClosedReported by Dealing Assistant, Bibhupada Kanungo & Director.
2613083101JajpurKoraiBapuji (Junior) Mahavidyala, RagadaUnaided2011-12ClosedNo Existence of this college as reported by the concerned Section.
2714075101JharsugudaBrajrajnagar (MPL)Black Diamond (Junior) Science College, BrajarajnagarSelfFinance2011-12ClosedClosed.
2814085101JharsugudaJharsuguda (MPL)Hemalata +2 Science College, SarbahalSelfFinance2012-13ClosedNil admission during last two sessions.
2917023102KendraparaDerabishShree Baladevjew (Junior) College of Education, GualsanghUnaided2011-12ClosedAs informed by the Dealing Asst. of RDE, Bhubaneswar the college not appearing the CHSE Examination.
3019035110KhurdaBhubaneswarKrupajal College of Science & Education, PubasasanSelfFinance2015-16Admission RestrictedBeyond 7th year of Recognition
3119035111KhurdaBhubaneswarVision College (+2 Science), JanalaSelfFinance2012-13ClosedStudent not admitted last year as reported by the Section Assistant
3219035107KhurdaBhubaneswarOSCAR College of Science and Technology, BhubaneswarSelfFinance2016-17ClosedCollege closed as per HPC decision held on 16.5.2015 & RDE Office Order No.10503, Dtd.7.8.2015
3319055102KhurdaBhubaneswar (MC)Apex Institute of Science & Technology, BhubaneswarSelfFinance2011-12ClosedAs per discussion with Regional Director now the college has no existence.
3419055103KhurdaBhubaneswar (MC)A.S.B.M. (Junior) College, AndharuaSelfFinance2012-13ClosedEA applied for closure. File approved.
3519055105KhurdaBhubaneswar (MC)Chandra Sekhar Venkatraman Fortune Science College, SuryanagarSelfFinance2011-12ClosedAs per discussion with Regional Director now the college has no existence.
3619055108KhurdaBhubaneswar (MC)Glorious Academy, PatiaSelfFinance2014-15Closedcollege closed
3719055113KhurdaBhubaneswar (MC)IRODOV College of Science, Chandrasekhar PurSelfFinance2016-17Admission RestrictedAdmission restriction vide HPC meeting held on 27.4.2016
3819055116KhurdaBhubaneswar (MC)Kalinga School of Socially Challenged, PatiaSelfFinance2012-13ClosedName changed to Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences.
3919055119KhurdaBhubaneswar (MC)Kiran Science College, BhubaneswarSelfFinance2015-16Admission RestrictedBeyond 7th year of Recognition
4019055124KhurdaBhubaneswar (MC)NM College, SijuaSelfFinance2011-12ClosedReported by RDE, BBSR
4119055126KhurdaBhubaneswar (MC)Resham Science College, BhubaneswarSelfFinance2011-12ClosedEnquired from the Section and Director
4219055128KhurdaBhubaneswar (MC)Royal School of Management & Technology, MancheswarSelfFinance2016-17Closedvide RDE, BBSR O.O. No.10503, Dtd.7.8.2015
4319055129KhurdaBhubaneswar (MC)Sai International College, ChandakaSelfFinance2011-12ClosedSai International Jr. College, Khurda is CBSE Pattern. It should be closed.
4419055137KhurdaBhubaneswar (MC)Vivikananda Residential College, ChandrasekharpurSelfFinance2012-13ClosedNil Admission as reported by the Section Assistant
4519055138KhurdaBhubaneswar (MC)ZEMMS Science College, Lewis RoadSelfFinance2011-12ClosedEnquired from the Section and Director
4619055149KhurdaBhubaneswar (MC)Today +2 Science & Commerce College, BhubaneswarSelfFinance2011-12ClosedAs per discussion with Regional Director now the college has no existence.
4719055151KhurdaBhubaneswar (MC)Vikash Residential College, KhandagiriSelfFinance2016-17ClosedCollege closed as per RDE O.O. No.10503, Dtd.7.8.2015
4819055166KhurdaBhubaneswar (MC)Vidyansh Intermediate College, BhubaneswarSelfFinance2012-13Closedclosed as reported by the Section Assistant
4919055167KhurdaBhubaneswar (MC)St. Xavier International School, Patia, BhubaneswarSelfFinance2016-17ClosedCollege closed as per RDE O.O. No.10503, Dtd.7.8.2015
5019055139KhurdaBhubaneswar (MC)HP Institute of +2 Commerce, Shailashree ViharSelfFinance2016-17ClosedCollege closed vide HPC meeting held on 27.4.2016

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