• Shri Naveen Patnaik
    Shri Naveen Patnaik
    Hon'ble Chief Minister
    Government of Odisha
  • Dr.Pradeep K. Panigrahy
    Dr.Pradeep K. Panigrahy
    Hon'ble Minister
    Government of Odisha
  • Shri G.V.V Sarma
    Shri G.V.V Sarma, IAS
    Principal Secretary

About DHE Odisha

The Higher Education Department has been playing the pivotal role in improving the quality of education in the State, establishing a value based society and moulding the youth to meet the challenges of 21th Century. The opening up of institutions of national repute like IIT, IIIT & NISER in the State has not only made the State of Odisha an educational hub but also thrown open some challenges and opportunities before the Higher Education Department. To meet those challenges and make best use of opportunities, the Higher Education Department has all out efforts to strength the existing educational system and simultaneously taken innovative steps to open up new avenues for the students by imparting need based market oriented education.

Higher Education Sector in Odisha comprises Degree and post Graduate level education including the Higher Secondary and +2 Vocational Education. This sector also include institution offering courses for legal studies, Computer Application, Business Management and several other professional courses. Production of quality text books and reference books for different client groups of Higher Education is also one of the parts of this sector in the state. This also deals with a number of research and specialized institutions.





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