Shri Naveen Patnaik
Hon’ble Chief Minister
Student Academic Management System (SAMS)


1What is SAMS?

SAMS stands for Students Academic Management System. It has two components e-Admission & e-Administration. The project is owned by the Department of Higher Education (DoHE), Govt. of Odisha.

2What is e-Admission?

e-Admission is nothing but online admission carried out in all Junior (+2) & Degree/Autonomous (+3) Colleges of Odisha. The detailed process of admission is explained in the Common Prospectus (CP) available separately for +2 & +3 applicants.

3Where can I see the list of colleges that come under the e-Admission process?

Various information such as name, address, contact details & detailed profile of different colleges coming under the e-Admission process can be obtained from the website of DoHE i.e.

4How will I know when the forms are available?

The common timeline for e-Admission is published on the website (

5How can I get an application form from my location?

The Common Application Form (CAF) can be accessed on the Department of Higher Education (DoHE) website ( along with the CP which guides you to apply the CAF correctly.

6Do I submit the CAF online only?

No, you need to apply online through the CAF following the guidelines of the CP, take print copies of the College Copy & Applicant Copy and submit at any of the nearest SRC College along with the photo copies of the documents as mentioned in the College Copy and CAF fees in cash.

7What is SRC and where can I get the list of SRCs?

An SRC (SAMS Resource Centre) is a College only. SRCs have SAMS laboratory, Internet Facility Centre and Helpdesk within their College premises to help students/parents understand the system of e-Admission, apply for admission through CAF and key dates related to e-Admission.Various information such as name, address, contact details & detailed profile of colleges declared as SRC can be obtained from the website of DoHE i.e.

8How do I know about the colleges before giving my options?

You can access the Individual College Profiles available on the website ( and get various details such as streams available, cut-off percentage of last three years, availability of hostel & fees, admission fees, etc.

9What is the maximum number of options to fill in a CAF?

For +2 applicants it is six (06) and for +3 applicants it is ten (10).

10How should I know which option to come first?

An option is a combination of a particular College & Stream. You should exercise your options in order of preference only i.e. the most preferred option (College + Stream) to be opted first.

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