Shri Naveen Patnaik
Hon’ble Chief Minister
Student Academic Management System (SAMS)

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Sl#Letter DateLetter No.SubjectDocument
110-Sep-20187934Revised Dateline for Online Student Transfer for Class XII
204-Sep-20184402Re-addition / Re-checking of AHSE 2018 answer scripts
304-Sep-20187876Regarding admission Status of Slide-up Students at HSSs
401-Sep-20187853Modification in Admission Dates for Vacant Seat Admission
531-Aug-20187844Revised Guideline regarding Online Transfer Admission
624-Aug-20187706Increase of 10% seats and Slide up cases in HSSs Under SAMS
724-Aug-20183948Rechecking/Readdition of marks for the Instant Exam-2018
824-Aug-201823744Contribution of CAF Fees to SAMS Society Fund for 2018-19
923-Aug-201823838Clarification on CAF Fees for 4th phase admission under SAMS
1021-Aug-201823738Corrigendum for 4th Phase Admission

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